You arrived like a force of nature
gold mandala painted on your forehead
sparkling light around your head
mesmerizing young and old
with your startling messages

Locusts, beasts, and Invisibles
swirling out of Pandora’s box
2020 Jupiter Saturn conjunction
changing the game
new kind of hooch brewing

People are enamored with the pictures
dial it up, spread the new religion
this earth needs something new from OUT THERE..
pass the Yogi tea and CBD gummies around

X-ray’s slashing the planet
revealing gruesome faces
can you see the flashes?
do you know who’s hiding?

Minature Trump’s march down the rabbit hole
looking like a row of magical peg dispensers
There’s more to them than sweet treats
Pepe’s got the spells

What will tomorrow look like?
green popping bubbles or dollars?
who will get the message first?
a certain kinda pretty knows
the different kinds of pain

It’s in the stars
sun in the twelve house
in the age of Aquarius

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