State of Trance

The trance had to be broken
There’s ugliness, deception, and fraud
The usual sources aren’t telling it like it is
They have their own agenda

It’s a lot to take in
Adjustments have to be made
Dull minds abound
Look for the discrepancies

Cracks are appearing in the smoked glass
It’s not what you want to see
Caution is advised
One must want the truth to accept the consequences

Have faith
Eventually, goodness will make an appearance
Meanwhile, watch the birds
They hop and jump, eyes alert

It’s a slippery slope once the mind snaps
It can shatter into a million unmendable pieces
or create a newly expanded vista
Looking through kaleidoscopes can strengthen your perceptions

The shift is happening
just not what was expected
Some knew, most didn’t
Others won’t make it, will you?

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