Paris Ave Haunting

Anxiety twisting my stomach
Pain in my back
Humidity rising
Moisture clinging to me like a million bloodsuckers
Feather razor at my neck
The faint smell of a Ganja sweetness penetrating my consciousness

I thought I was done
Another layer like an onion skin taunts me
Shame, things I did
Seeking an elusive atonement

Empty ghost buildings scattered like cogent monuments
Silent watchers of pain and anguish
Dressed in intense chlorophyll green creeping vines and vegetation
Living in symbiosis with swelling rivers of emotion
Eroding levees attempting to hold back the pressure

Overgrown and forgotten thoughts
push new roots into the mud
Too many to dig out
Voodoo rituals echoing from the swamps

Familiar like the back of my hand
Controlling my existence
Cold ice cubes keep “it” in abeyance
Packed in my bandana, I wipe my forehead
Cool relief for the moment

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