Venus – The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Ideography modified photo starting with photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh from Pexels

Summersault into floating Ferris Wheel bubbles bobbing in the green Venus sky. Peer down at the pink Sphinx Pyramids as they breathe, cleaning the air with their great gills.

Exhale strips of mind thoughts translucent and softly shimmering

shoot them across the sky, seeking the waiting receptive colonies of gooseberry ears.

Vision tunnels appear and disappear, revealing tantalizing new flavors of delicious icy pops. Taste them, and silver ribbons with neon blue rings and yellow auroras tickle your taste buds.

Observe blue and yellow birds flying through thick fur to keep warm, cozy inside vast lava tubes, searching for turbulent currents of random speaking tattoo fields.

Primitive land singing songs to the future calling forth giant Golems to paint the mountains with brushes filled with powdered rainbow snow. Smoking clay pots fill the air with scents of burning fat, incense, and swarms of tiny flying Gris-Gris bags.

In-vitro deserts mix and create an oasis of silt, diamonds, and infinite stone gardens for weary travelers. Perfect for the gestation of holographic friends.

Memories captured under the three newly created ochre full moons and released on stuttering Zoetrope. Play over and over while laying on rolling grassy levees, a total immersion experience.

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