Refugee from the State

Fires raging out of control

Surrounding me with thick smoke

Walking that thin line of ragged breath

There’s a weight on my chest

A ball and chain on my ankle


This world is spinning on its side

Loaded spikes circling like rabid vultures

Hunting for that sweet spot of paralysis and fear

A spectacular crash is almost here

I’m fixing to step off on the next silver dime

I got the magic ticket to the new time

It appeared in a dream, and I reached out

snatching it from that ethereal hereabout


Yellow and blue snakes crossed my path

they stopped and looked at me as they shook their tails

They whispered, “you know what to do,” and disappeared

I know it’s true, as it is for you


All is one, and one is divine

A perfect mix of natural sublime

They can’t take that from my plate

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