The overall color of this artwork is green. Green generally is a healing and soothing color. In this case, it is an unnatural green indicating sickness or an alien landscape. A pony with two heads peers out from what appears to be an arched window or doorway in a surreal desert landscape. The pony head on the left is primarily out of focus, while the one on the right is leaning forward and in sharp focus, it’s one eye staring intently at the viewer. Above the ponies to the left is a sizeable spikey metal manufactured object that resembles the coronavirus spike protein. On the left is a dead tree curving over the pony with three spikey flowers, representing the metal object’s offspring changed into a natural state of plant biology. This act of fakery is only recognized if one believes a dead tree cannot grow flowers. Does the viewer see this or not? In the front of the painting, on either side, are healing Aloe plants in sharp detail compared to the out-of-focus primary subject matter of the scene.
The dual-headed pony represents duality, in this case, the duality of belief. The left-hand pony hides behind its forelock stuck in illusion and confusion. While the right-hand pony has started the process of breaking free of phantasm and is leaning toward freedom, once free, it will be entirely in sharp focus along with the healing Aloe plants, which are beckoning the pony to trust and see the truth.

Artwork can be purchased here:

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