The overall color of this artwork is green. Green generally is a healing and soothing color. In this case, it is an unnatural green indicating sickness or an alien landscape. A pony with two heads peers out from what appears to be an arched window or doorway in a surreal desert landscape. The pony head […]

Refugee from the State

Fires raging out of control Surrounding me with thick smoke Walking that thin line of ragged breath There’s a weight on my chest A ball and chain on my ankle   This world is spinning on its side Loaded spikes circling like rabid vultures Hunting for that sweet spot of paralysis and fear A spectacular […]


Awakened by night noise Jezebel calms her anxiety by tapping She dresses and steps out on her deck Her eyes are drawn up The sky is lit with ethereal lights They spin and hover, moving too fast A message is given In a trance, she walks down to the lake and waits


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