A Sea of Change

Los Angeles, California, 2077. Sierra Nitestar jolts awake, her eyes unfocused, half in and half out of a vivid, immersive dream. She immediately shuts her eyes and tries to slip back in, frantic to go back to the vision of her mother and father dancing, laughing, and teasing her under the fireball afternoon sun. Her […]

My Scorpion

Cold and snowing. Cozy, warm and romantic inside the The Little Resturant. Holding hands and enjoying time with my Scorpion. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the Honduran and the Dilettante hunched in a corner, speaking a melody of chaotic Spanish. The Honduran’s right ear is small and squashed flat against his […]

Smoke Trails

The swirling hazy white smoke ascending from multiple cigarettes is mesmerizing. It puts me back in my small apartment just a few days ago. Then, I was hungry. It had been a few days since I had eaten. I passed time sitting, very still imagining animals in the smoke trails of my long brown cigarettes. […]


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